Esmeralda Guzman-Harris

Ministry Overview

The Southeastern Conference Women’s Ministries Director is committed to building up the kingdom of God.

Our Women’s Ministry Director makes herself available to support women’s ministry activities at the local level as much as possible by her presence, her teaching, her counsel, and all resources at her disposal.

She believes in the concept of TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

She is dedicated to providing for the needs of SEC women with the support and assistance of 35+ women who represent the various districts and ages that comprise the constituency of SEC Women’s Ministries.

Mission Statement

“The Women’s Ministries Department of the Southeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists exists to challenge, equip, empower, and nurture women and girls through intentional discipleship, outreach, and service.”

Vision Statement

“We invite women and girls to grow in Christ through love and unity.”


Nurture, Empower and Outreach.


  • Helping our sisters to grow in the areas of spiritual and personal development
  • Encouraging a daily relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Providing love, care and support to church members or persons in the community


  • Providing opportunities to women for spiritual, social, economic, educational, and psychological growth through leadership training and enrichment programs such as mental health awareness, abuse prevention, economic and literacy empowerment, and health education ministries.
  • Making annual leadership training available to all women’s ministries leaders and their team members.
  • Women are taught how to use their talents and spiritual gifts to grow God’s kingdom.
  • Programs and activities are intentionally designed for young adults, teen girls, and girls from five years old and up.


  • Train, encourage, and motivate women to reach out through friendship evangelism, public evangelism, small group ministry, and much more.
  • Encouraging women to be involved in service to others, each woman using the gifts that God has given her to draw others to Jesus.
  • Creating partnerships between church and the local community.



(352) 735-3142 Ext. 129

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Myrtho Cherichel

Administrative Assistant

myrtho.cherichel@secsda.org | (352) 735-3142 Ext. 129

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