Tony Taylor

Service Overview

The Southeastern Conference Community Services Ministry is the official community outreach ministry in the Southeastern territory with the primary purpose of supporting, training, resourcing, uplifting, embracing, guiding, and equipping the local church ACS Directors, ACS Staff, and ACS Operating Centers of our conference.

SEC Community Service Ministry has a passion to coordinate and facilitate the type of service throughout the conference territory that is “Christ-centered” and promotes “hope” and “wholeness” in the lives of so many in our local church communities.

The theme of this powerful outreach entity of the Conference is very simple yet broad in its scope: “Meeting needs and Sowing seeds to Reach a harvest of souls for Christ” Our goal is to serve the various communities, meeting as many needs as we can. We strive to also embrace and come close to people, build relationships, and connect with people (as Christ did) so that they may experience the love of God and be won to His kingdom.

SEC Community Service Ministry does not limit its outreach potential to only what we can do from our office. We encourage ourselves and local church ACS leaders to partner and combined your efforts with other outside civil organizations, social service agencies, and community service auxiliaries to touch communities and people in need. This will make your arm of love and care much stronger and more impactful.



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