Campus Ministry Overview

Campus Ministries envisions to inspire and transform Seventh-day Adventist students into campus ambassadors through intentional mentoring and discipleship. To this end, Campus Ministries will provide a ministry presence and nurturing environment for students, both on campuses and in local churches, utilizing communities of mentors who are committed in caring and mentoring/discipling the students. Campus Ministries plans to educate, equip, and empower students, Campus Ministries leaders, and mentors to be ambassadors, messengers, and missionaries of Christ, practicing His compassion and selfless and self-sacrificial service in their churches, campuses, and communities.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) is a student-led ministry aimed to promote spiritual growth and fellowship for students on public campuses. It is sponsored by the North American Division, which empowers ACF chapters endorsed by colleges and universities to access resources and ministry spaces to lead out on their public campus. Visit the ACF website for more information –

PCM was created to reach and engage students on public campuses to deepen their faith and spirituality. More importantly, transform collegiate students into Seventh-day Adventist ambassadors of Christ in colleges/universities, churches, communities, and the world at large. Furthermore, PCM not only concerns itself with nurturing students but also supporting Adventist professors and others who work at public campuses.

The World church (General Conference) provides resources for your ACF (Adventist Christian Fellowship) chapter. Additionally, every year in the third week of October, the General Conference leads the Global PCM Weekend.

ACF is the official organization for Adventist campus ministry on non-Adventist college and university campuses within the NAD of Seventh-day Adventists, including the US, Canada, Bermuda and Guam. Currently ACF is a network of over one hundred chapters across the North American Division. They provide chapters with resources and a connection with the larger sisterhood of fellow ACF students. Every year, ACF hosts ACF Institute designed for leaders and Public Campus Ministers for networking and leader-training from an on-campus student perspective.

Go to the ACF website to locate the directory to search for a chapter in your area –

Register your Public Campus Ministry (PCM) with the General Conference , then register your Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) chapter with the North American Division –

After you register your chapter, we want to go on this journey with you — notify us at to learn about our monthly leadership training and retreats.

Let’s Connect! Help us celebrate this momentous occasion with you and connect you with a ministry in your new school. Next, we want to send a congratulation letter, a small gift, and information on Adventist Christian Fellowship.

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