Mission Driven

“To reach communities within Southeastern with a Christ-centered message of hope and wholeness.”

Join us in being a mission-driven church. We are a mission-driven conference!

Dr. Michael K. Owusu

Message from our President

Becoming a Mission-Driven church As many of you are aware, on February 2-5, 2017 Southeastern held its 2017 historic Leadership Summit which introduced a paradigm shift in the way we do ministry. We are delighted that your church, along with over forty others, have decided to partner with us to become a part of the Mission-Driven initiative. For church leaders and members who attended the Summit, you would have already received information relating to the SEC Mission Driven Strategy including – the Five Steps to a Mission-Driven Strategy Conference and the Mission-Driven Tool Kit (Parts I and II). These samples may serve as guides for the implementation of the strategy for your local church/school. After your local board votes to participate in the new Mission-Driven strategy, please visit the SEC website to fill out and submit the required form to register your church/school. If your church has already approved participation, the process is not done until the forms have been submitted.

Also, the SEC administration and leadership team stand ready to visit and assist you in adapting this new Mission-Driven strategy to your local context. Please do not hesitate to call or email Dr. Mark Brown at (352) 735-3142, extension 103 or email at mark.brown@secsda.org to let us know if you wish our team to visit with you, your leaders, and/or congregation to share a presentation on how you can get your church started with this new initiative. As we continue, with the help of the Holy Spirit to push ministry forward with hope and wholeness, we trust that you are preparing your congregation for the rich harvest that Christ has promised. Let us unite our collective efforts to achieve excellence at the conference office and in every church and school in Southeastern. Keep in mind that a Mission-Driven church or school is more likely to accomplish its goal of becoming an institution of excellence. May God our Father grant us continued success as we carry His message of hope and wholeness to our communities.

Become an Advancing Mission-Driven church/school today!