1701 Robie Ave, Mount Dora FL 32757

General Information

Price Includes: Grab-n-Go Breakfast Basket, 4 meals, Fitness Classes, Fashion & Comedy Show, Prayer Breakfast, All Seminar Materials

Fashion & Comedy Show: Bring your best outfit to represent the decade of the year you were born
Payment: Payment may be made in the form of Cash, Credit Card, Church Check, Personal Check, or Money order made payable to: Southeastern Conference.

Completing the Form: Each individual must complete a separate registration form. If you want to room with specific people, send all applications with full payments in one envelope. All information on applications must be completed or application will be returned. A confirmation letter is required for registration. Reservations will NOT be taken over the phone.

Cancellation: Registration fees are non-refundable. Roommates must find appropriate replacements for cancellations or accept responsibility for total balance.

Booth Rental: Booths are available on a first come, first served basis and rental is $125.00. To reserve, please contact the office at the number listed below.


Registration Hours
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm Thursday
9:00 am – 10::00 pm Friday
9:00 am – 12:00 pm Saturday

For more information, contact
Southeastern Conference Women’s Ministries
1701 Robie Ave; Mount Dora, FL 32757
352-735-3142 ext 127 OR visit www.secsda.org

Southeastern Women's Retreat Presenters

Adult Program

Janice Johnson Browne, PhD - Keynote Speaker

Dr. Browne is an author, international inspirational speaker, university educator, leadership consultant,General Civil Mediator, therapist, and solo artist. For 25 years she has been a minister’s spouse, conference and union president’s wife. Her experiences have led her to be a richly colorful story teller who draws the listener into the story while educating and inspiring compassion, hope, and encouragement. She believes everyone has a story to share about the love and power of God Almighty.


Beth Tramel, MBA

“God’s Way to Financial Freedom”
Finding financial wholeness through being faithful to God and by using the resources He has provided.


Belinda Paulicin, DSW, LCSW Clinical Program Director

“The Other Side of Fear”
Fear can be limiting while courage leads to freedom. This seminar will examine the impact of fear on emotional and mental health concerns and the barriers to accessing help and support

Katina Smith, MD

“Fitness as a Witness: Putting the pieces together, where do you FIT in? “
Learn how to benefit from incorporating fitness into our already busy Lives. As we treat our bodies like godly temples see how it impacts/influences our Christian witness to others! 

Daniela Jean, B.S.

“Fruitful Future”

This seminar is for young professionals working towards fulfilling their dreams and building a vibrant profession or business.  

Althea Truman, PhD IO Psychology Practitioner

Feelings, like music, are food to the soul.
Nurture them, Feed on them, or Forget them.

Rick and Denise Mathis T.E.A.M. Mathis, LLC.

“Marriage & Family Life Thriving Together”
Great marriages and families aren’t accidents, they are intentional; so be intentional about the health, welfare and happiness of your marriage and family life. 

Mithra Williams, M.S., CCTCFS SEC, Women’s Ministries Director

“Finding Time For Fun”
What does it mean to “be about our Father’s business”? Are we as Christians allowed to have a good time? Let’ see what the Word has to say about it!

Vanessa Taylor, M.S., MFT

“Embracing Failure: Seeing Life Through Rose Colored Lenses”
Throughout the course of this seminar, we will learn the multipurposes of failure INCLUDING the benefits of getting it all wrong.


Toni Bruce, B.A. Precious Stones For Life, Inc.

“Fierce Faith”
How to develop and use your faith to go from ordinary to extraordinary in your women’s ministry, relationships, and your life.

Youth Program

Dwanette Dilworth, EdD

Youth Coordinator

“Designed By God”

Edna Taylor, B.S.

“Yes, I’m All That”

Erica Jones, B.A. Asst. Dir, NAD

“From a Muddy Heart To a Clear Head”

Loreanna Rich, B.A.

“God Can Use You, Flaws And All”

Girls Retreat

Raquel Morel

“Serengeti Trek: Where kids are wild about God.”