Blanket Ministry Gives Hope To Dialysis Patients

By: Edna E. Francois
Date: 03/10/11
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If it were possible to periodically update Bible stories the story of Veronica Hollis would be included in the modern day version of the book of Acts. 

Acts 9:36 would be rewritten in this way:  “Now  there is at Kissimmee a certain disciple whose name is Veronica , which by interpretation means ’one who bears a true image’. Now this woman is full of good works, and acts of kindness.”

Veronica Hollis crochets a blanket that will be given to a dialysis patient to provide warmth during a treatment session. She has given away more than 24 blankets.

Even though Dorcas’ story took place centuries ago, there are people today who belong to the sisterhood of the “Dorcas Society.”  Veronica Hollis, a member of the Mt. Zion Church in Kissimmee, Fla., crochets woolen blankets for dialysis patients.

Hollis began the blanket ministry, over 12 years ago when she found out that the cold treatment rooms caused some measure of discomfort to dialysis patients.  
She was then motivated to put her crocheting skills to work, and began making blankets to help relieve their discomfort wherever possible.   

Veronica believes that she has distributed over 24 blankets since this ministry began.  She would be happy to have others join her in this project for “there is a great need,” said Veronica.
A recent recipient of a beautifully crocheted blanket said to her, “Thank you so much.  I had no idea that someone recognized my need.” 

When asked, what would you like to accomplish through this ministry?  Veronica’s quick response was, “I would like to bring one moment of hope to someone, and in this way he or she will know somebody cares.”   

Each blanket is accompanied by a card, which contains a verse or statement of God’s love and care for His children.


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