Perrine Conducts Youth Fall Evangelism

By: Malicent Taylor
Date: 01/04/11
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The youth department of the Perrine Seventh-day Adventist Church, located in Perrine, Fl., conducted its annual Youth Fall Evangelism initiative from October 30 to November 6, 2010.  

In preparation for the event the entire church body went into the surrounding neighborhoods distributing flyers, inviting their neighbors to attend the meetings.

The youth were divided into several bands and each band was assigned a particular section around the church in a six mile radius.
The messenger for the week was Adam Gregoire, who is also a teacher at the Perrine S.D.A. Elementary school. 
His theme was “The Ultimate Game Plan for your past, His Church, your body, your money, your bedroom, and your life.”  

Throughout the week, he carefully outlined how fearful it is to fall into the hands of the living God. Gregoire pointed out that just as hell is real so is heaven and that Jesus, the greatest architect.

“He is preparing a beautiful city for those who love Him,” he said.  “God doesn’t want to see suffering for eternity.”
Each night visitors were blessed as they fed upon the Word. The youth department has a series of follow up plans to continue working monthly which include health discussions, sports activities, and cooking classes.

The plan is to have a continuous rapport with the community.  There will be a follow-up evangelistic effort beginning January 7th through January 30th 2011.


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