Miami Bethany Opens Community Outreach Center

By: Trevor Jobson
Date: 01/04/11
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On Sunday, Oct. 3, 2010, the Miami Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church held the grand opening of its Community Outreach Center, which is located across from the church. Barry Bonner, pastor of Miami Bethany, in his remarks stated that the  newly renovated building will boast a computer lab and the multi-purpose rooms will be able to provide various services including tutoring, healthy cooking, and financial literacy classes to the Brownsville community.

Bonner went on to say that many of the services have been offered in the church for years but the members wanted to take services out of the church so that the community    can know what we have to offer.
In addition to the outreach center’s new capabilities, it will continue to provide groceries to those in need.

Arneth R. Thomas, M.S.W., CEO and founder of the Solid Rock Foundation, was present at the opening ceremonies.
She affirmed her commitment to partner with the Bethany church in utilizing the Bethany Outreach Center to service the community.

Felicia S. Robinson, Council Member Seat 4 of the North Miami Gardens precinct, was in attendance.  Robinson in her remarks was proud to inform everyone that she attended Miami Union Academy in the very building that is now converted to the Bethany Outreach Center. “Brownsville is our community and it is our duty to take it back, by reaching out to the children and youth,” said Robinson.

Jean Monestine, M.B.A., councilman candidate for Miami Dade County District 2 and member of the Eden Seventh-day Adventist church was present.
He commended Bonner and the Bethany church for the much needed project of the Outreach center that will be of service to the Brownsville community where crime and hunger at times plague the area.

From 1949 to 1979 the building served as the home Miami Union Academy.


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