Parade Emphasizes Church Ministries and Services

By: John Devine
Date: 12/17/10
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Miami’s Tabernacle Seventh-day Adventist Church, under the leadership of Olinto L. Groce, has been beefing up its Internet ministry to reach people throughout the world.

During the brainstorming session community services director Deroy Moncrieffe posed a different question.
What about the surrounding Little River, Little Haiti and El Portal neighborhoods?

“We have been in this area for 30 years, and some people still don’t realize who we are and what goes on in our church week after week,’’ Moncrieffe told the church.
“There are so many services we offer and no one realizes how much we can help them.’’

So an idea was launched – how about a community parade to let the residents in the Little River, Little Haiti and El Portal areas know who Tabernacle is and what programs are available?

On November 14, hundreds of members, friends and visitors of Tabernacle marched the through the streets of Little River and Little Haiti to show the locals what they were missing.
More than 15 departments were in attendance – banners held high – while a loudspeaker announced the services each group provided. For example, community services distributes food the third Sunday of each month and that free health screenings are available for the area.

 “The community is ripe for evangelism, and Tabernacle is overdue for getting out in the community,’’ said women’s ministries leader Dominique Diambois.
“I was excited today to go and fish in Satan’s pond.”
The parade coincided with a renewed commitment by the church.

The parade culminated festivities for homecoming weekend. Tabernacle, which celebrated its 33rd anniversary, focused on going back to its roots.
It’s only fitting that Tab renewed its commitment to the outlying communities as it started a new year of service.

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