Oakwood College And Southeastern Conference Partner to Train Teachers

By: Southeastern Conference
Date: 09/10/05
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Summer school is not only for students its for teachers too. Every summer hundreds of Adventist teachers across the nation attend summer school. For two weeks this summer more than thirty teachers from both the Southeastern and Florida Conferences attended summer school, which was held at the Southeastern Conference Office Complex.

Why summer school? To teach in an Adventist school. Each teacher must meet teacher certification standards that are set by the North American division Office of Education. To maintain certification teachers must take a certain number of courses during the certification period.

Many of the teachers take these courses during the summer at one of our Adventist Institutions of Higher Learning. For the majority of our teachers who attend summer school, this is a significant sacrifice because they spend anywhere from two to six weeks away from their families.

In an effort to make summer school a little more enjoyable and to keep the teachers closer to home, Elisa Young, Superintendent of Education for Southeastern, arranged for summer school to come to Florida.

Elisa made arrangements for the Education Department of Oakwood College to facilitate summer school. Dr. Francis Bliss, Professor of Education for Oakwood College, taught the courses. The courses were taught in the multipurpose room of the Conference Complex. The teachers had access to a state of the art computer lab, laptops and Wi-Fi to conduct research.

Every teacher who attended summer school echoed that this was a welcome change to the summer school process.


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