Statementment #2 Concerning Hurrcicane Katrina Disaster Relief Efforts From Clarence L. Wright, SEC

By: CL Wright
Date: 09/08/05
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Continuing correspondence is coming into my office in the wake of the devastation in Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast. And as more and more of you are asking what you can do to aid in the relief efforts, I am sending you the latest information I have received, to help you decide what you can do.

Flooding in the area has caused a delay for locating nearby sites to erect donation collection centers and multi-agency warehouses. However, the ACS Disaster Response Office in Louisiana is partnering with FEMA to set up a multi-agency warehouse in New Iberia, Louisiana, as well as one in Jackson, Mississippi. As a matter of fact, at last report, the Jackson, Mississippi warehouse is opening today, September 2.

As these plans are underway for the multi-agency warehouses to go into operation, volunteer applications are being accepted at the ACS Disaster Response Volunteer Coordination Center in Louisiana. If you would like to volunteer, you will find enclosed a copy of the Volunteer Application, should you choose to volunteer. Now, if you are unable to physically go to the Gulf Coast or Louisiana, the next best thing one can do is financially donate monies to the relief effort. Financial contributions are still the greatest need.

This is what we are proposing, as it relates to financial donations. We are asking each church to raise monies during the month of September for the Gulf Coast Disaster Relief. Then, if you would please send those funds in with the September Remittance, we will forward the monies to the appropriate agencies.

Lastly, for those of you who have items to donate, here is a list of things that you can send so the ACS Disaster Response can assemble personal care kits and non-perishable foods.

Towels Toothpaste
Nail files Feminine products
Washcloths Disposable razors
Non-perishable foods Shampoo
Shaving Cream Band aids
Toothbrush Soap
Hair combs and brushes New socks
New underwear  

Donated items can be delivered or shipped to the following locations. Please be sure to call the locations prior to sending goods.

Bass Memorial Academy 6433 US Hwy 11 Lumberton, MS 39455 (601) 794-8561

Wal-Mart 1102 E. Admiral-Doyle Drive New Iberia, LA 70560 (405) 612-4602

As more pertinent information comes, I will send it out to you. I remain,

Your Servant In Christ.


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