Southeastern honors Adventist Pioneers

By: Robert Henley
Date: 12/28/08
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The Southeastern Conference recently conducted a retiree banquet to say thank you to retired Adventist Church workers that live within its territory, which covers the southern portion of Georgia and the state of Florida east of the Appalachian river.

The annual event is held during the month of November at the Conference Office complex, which is located in Mt. Dora, Fl.

The keynote speaker for the event was Dr. Walter Douglas, who was the first black individual to teach at Andrews University.  During his tenure, from 1969 – 2004, he taught many students that currently work for Southeastern, including Hubert Morel and Gregory Mack, president and executive secretary of Southeastern.
Walter Douglas delivers keynote speech at the SEC Retiree banquet.

Walter Douglas delivers keynote speech at the SEC Retiree banquet. [photo: Robert Henley]

He was introduced by G. Ralph Thompson, who served as the executive secretary for the General Conference from 1980 - 2000.

Both men continue to serve the church as pastor and associate pastor of the Golden Gate SDA Church in Naples Fl.

“The banquet is our way of saying thank you for the contributions that these men and women have made to the Adventist Church,” stated Milton Sterling, ministerial director for Southeastern and event coordinator.

Other retirees to attend the event included:  Robert Walker - first secretary-treasurer of the Southeastern Conference,  Lei La Reed - retired teacher, Ivan Van Lange - executive secretary Lake Region Conference from 1998 – 2000, Russell w. Bates - NAD associate director of personal ministries, Arlington Greene - treasurer of the west Jamaica Conference and auditor for the Northeastern Conference, Samuel Campbell – ministerial director of the Allegheny East Conference, James C. Hicks – personal ministries director of the Southwest Region Union and youth director of the Atlantic Union, and Jocelyn Johnson – education director of the  Northeastern Conference.

 You can view the keynote address on Southeastern iTV at

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Tony Ramlagan | Mar/28/15 09:03:51
I would Like to contact Pastor G Ralph Thompson, my former Bible Teacher at Caribbean Training College, now USC, and wish to get, with his permission, his email address and phone number, Thanks. I would also like to contact Pastor Walter Douglass, former schoolmate, (Very Senior to me) and similarly, with his permission, I wish to get his email address and phone number. Thanks very much Tony Ramlagan
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