A Special Camp Meeting Message From the President

By: HJ Morel
Date: 05/28/08
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Let me begin by thanking you for conferring on me the high and awesome position of president of this great conference. I am honored yet humbled by the faith and trust you have put in me. I recognize that I must depend even more on our Omnipotent Father for the requisite knowledge, wisdom, courage and understanding I will need to faithfully carry out the awesome responsibilities that come with this assignment.


As your servant, it is my responsibility to  listen and be sensitive to the needs of the field. On Sunday, April 27, 2008, you spoke clearly, that despite the financial challenges, we must have camp meeting this year. In order to comply with your mandate, we will need special help.

Our situation is made more difficult because the regular camp meeting season begins in six weeks. In this particular case, time is truly not our fiend. Given the extent of the preparatory work involved in hosting a camp meeting, the administration of the Southeastern Conference has scheduled to have this year’s camp meeting to start on Tuesday, June 24 and end on Sabbath, June 28.

I must also inform you that although camp meeting will last for five days, the cost of the start-up work is about the same as planning a full ten day camp meeting.  Camp meeting will cost approximately $250,000. We must have at least a significant amount to begin camp meeting. The remainder could be raised through a special offering to be collected at camp meeting.

I am gratefully aware of the efforts of constituents, who are already doing their valiant best to raise funds to cover this year’s camp meeting cost. Our “Camp Meeting Faith Project 2008” believes that if every constituent donated $20.00, we could fully cover the cost of camp meeting.

I know everyone cannot give $20.00, but I am beseeching you to give what you can. I ask those who are able to give more than the minimum to do so. Your generous support will enable us to accomplish this goal in short order and make it possible for us to finish camp meeting without taking on additional debt.

I know this will require additional sacrifice, but this conference has risen to such challenges in the past. I am confident that you will rally to this worthwhile cause. I am asking that on May 31, 2008, that this special camp meeting offering be lifted in each church. We are counting on your support.

 May God bless us as we work together toward the achievement of this significant goal.

Your Friend and Servant,

Hubert J. Morel Jr.


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| Jun/22/08 12:06:25
Cookie Long | Jun/06/08 08:06:59
President Morel, By addressing the masses, you have shown your faith, not only in God but in the people. We thank you. You are putting your foot in the Red Sea. In every case, remember the red sea. Anything can be accomplished if we put our trust in God. Campmeeting saves souls and God will bless. May God continue to bless you and your family.
Julius L. Williams | Jun/05/08 09:06:38
It appears that the decision not to have campmeeting was the correct decision. We do not have the money. If the money is not available, why have campmeeting? If the $250,000 is not raised, how will the conference pay the expenses of campmeeting? We need to stop this deficit spending. If we truly want to have compmeeting (and other conference activities)we need to return a faithful tithe. The conference, in turn, needs to spend wisely the funds it receives.
Chino | Jun/02/08 12:06:34
By God we will have camp meeting. May God continue to grant you wisdom to lead and serve His people in Southeastern, to bring back pride, dignity and integrity to our Conference.
cjasmin | Jun/01/08 07:06:25
K. T. McArthur | Jun/01/08 06:06:36
Pastor Morel, and now President, just want you to know that I believe we can get this project accomplished. God has truly blessed us all, so I have no dought in this years camp meeting. Take care and God Bless! K. T. McArthur [Ephesus WPB]
deejeejay | May/31/08 11:05:20
God bless all the efforts it will take to convene campmeeting this year. I do pray that we can all be as supporting as God has blessed us and get rid of all the animosity and ill-will that seem to rear its ugly head at times, causing some of us to write very hurtful and unChristlike messages. We are Christians striving to make heaven our home...let's not miss it engaging in those things that offend, hurt and are downright mean. Remember our Savior prayed for us before His death...read it! He prayed that we would be one as He and His Father are one. God bless us as we do all we can to support our having campmeeting this year. deejeejay
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