Hurricane Katrina Follow-up Help Needed

By: North American Division
Date: 08/20/07
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Volunteer Teams are needed to help with the rebuilding efforts in Southern Louisiana, affected by Hurricane Katrina. People who can pull nails out of wood, paint, swing a hammer, hang sheet rock, finish sheet rock, and many other volunteer opportunities, are needed to help. 
Contact: Lavida Whitson, Arkansas-Louisiana Conference Adventist Community Service Disaster Response (ARKLA ACS/DR) Coordinator, at 501-317-0997.
Fund Raising -- Teams, youth groups, churches, are needed to raise funds for rebuilding projects.   For example, sponsor a yard or bake sale, or raise matching funds to help with a project. Send the money to the ARKLA Rebuild Projects, P O Box 31000, Shreveport, LA  71130-1000.
Supplies needed -- Supplies such as sheet rock, sheet rock mud, plumbing items, electric wiring, wood to build kitchen cabinets, nails, plywood, shingles, etc., are needed.   Call the ARKLA ACS/DR Coordinator (501-317-0997) for more details. 
ARKLA Adventist Community Services/Disaster Response has already helped hundreds of hurricane survivors by supplying funds and aid, but this is only the beginning. In the months and years ahead, ARKLA ACS/DR will continue to need help for the complex and lengthy recovery in South Louisiana.
Contact the Adventist Community Services website at for a list of disaster sites that are currently scheduling volunteers.

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