NAD Launches Adventist Channel on the Internet

By: North American Division
Date: 08/20/07
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The North American Division has launched "The Adventist Channel" on the Internet. The Channel is a video on-demand service that will allow viewers to chose from a growing list of top Adventist programming. Programs will be added weekly so that viewers are not overwhelmed with too many options initially.
 The service allows viewers of longer programs to interrupt their viewing and come back and start close to where they left off. In addition, viewers can watch any of the programs whenever they want.
 The company the Division is partnering with, BiggyTV, will also take some of the Church's programming and "push" it to some of its 2,500 affiliates. This will bring many more non-Adventist viewers to our programming than exist currently.
 The next step is to make the Adventist Channel available to selected Adventist Church Connect sites within the next few weeks.
 Contact: to view the mini-player.

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