Sketches Rebooted

By: Robert Henley
Date: 08/17/07
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The first issue of Sketches was published in the Winter of 1987 by
Elder Roy Brown, the first Communication Director of Southeastern.
Since then it has changed forms many times. In this era of digital
convergence it has been changed once again.

I have redesigned Sketches from the ground up to exploit current and
emerging digital technologies to provide you with an interactive experience.
Toward that end, Sketches will tell multi-content stories via multiple platforms.

Every story in Sketches will be enhanced by a suite of digital products and
services that I collectively call Sketches Interactive
( For starters, Sketches,
the flagship of the Sketches brand, will be available in a digital version. On a
weekly basis eSketches, an e-newsletter, will keep you up to date via e-mail
with breaking news and events. Be sure to sign up for the those services.

Via the PodCenter, you will be able to download audio files of interviews and
other events. SketchCast, a video news magazine, will deliver compelling
visual stories via streaming video and DVD. And, inside the Photo Gallery you
will be able to view photographs of conference events.

In the BlogCenter you will gain unique insights into the lives of our Pastors,
teachers, conference workers and constituents as they share with you
commentary on issues, events and other topics of interest.

Finally, you will also have the unique opportunity to comment on each story
that appears in Sketches.

I hope that you will enjoy Sketches.


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