Abundant Living Crusade

By: Carol Byrd
Date: 08/07/07
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The Abundant Living Crusade in Miami has miraculously served
the spiritual, physical, and social needs of the residents in the
community at Miami Edison Middle School located at 6101 NW
2nd Avenue.  Evangelist Dennis Ross Revivalist of the Southern
Union, and his team have presented an exciting line up of topics
as well as Bible Studies.  Health and physical makeovers have
been presented nightly by professionals of the community.  Baby
Dedication and Anointing Services have been provided to meet the
needs of the community,  Gospel singers have included: Lo Lo Harris,
Anthony Wigham, the renown recording artists, "Virtue" presented a
Mini Concert on Saturday, July 29th.  Musical talents also included: 
Jackie Ross, Carla Byrd, Pastor McCottry, Christine Jobson, and
other local persons.
The Kingdom Kids were action heroes with nightly fun, games, stories,
videos, music, and snacks provided by the Crusade.  This well-planned
program for the youth from ages 3 - 16 was coordinated by Associate
Revivalist, Jackie Ross, and a number of dedicated workers.  The youth
were able to discover the power of trust, courage, forgiveness,
obedience and love.
Bible Counselors, Pat Staley, Oakwood College senior ministerial students,
lay Bible Counselors, local participating Pastors, and Jackie Ross, Associate
Revivalist labored untiringly in witnessing to persons in the Miami metropolis
areas regarding this wonderful message, and encouraged people to accept
Christ as their Saviour.  Amazing Facts Lessons were used as good ground
work before the meeting throughout the area where the meeting was held to
build an interest in the study of the Bible, and to sow seeds for a successful
harvest of souls.  Certificates of completion for the Amazing Facts Lessons
were provided to all persons at the Revival.  The Southeastern Conference
Administration, and all Pastors in the Miami area  kept prayer in the forefront,
and they attended when availability allowed them to.
It was simply marvelous to see persons of the community load buses at
Edison Middle School on Sabbath morning, July 28, which was coordinated
by Evangelist Ross, Pastors:  Byrd, McCalla and McCottry.  A beautiful setting
was provided at one of the Marriott Hotel's in Miami for a well-planned and
executed Seminar by Evangelist Ross.  His presentation was inclusive of
the following:
        1.  "The Change of the Sabbath
        2.  How Man Changed the Sabbath
        3.  First Sunday Law Enacted
        4.  Protestantism Speaks
        5.  Catholicism Speaks
        6.  A History of Calendar Change"
A Cooperative Learning Style was utilized with potential baptism candidates
sharing spiritual experiences, feelings, and ideas in groups.  Group members
were able to formulate questions to ask Evangelist Ross for general discussion
in using the Mixed Pair Share Method.  The main purpose Evangelist Ross
hosted this informative Sabbath Seminar was to encourage, and establish within
the candidates a trust in the Bible.  The need to follow, and diligently study God's
Holy Word was presented as a must.  Men, women, boys, and girls were able to
focus on Bible truths that we as SDA members hold so dearly to our hearts.
On the final Sabbath, August 4, Evangelist Ross climaxed the Abundant Living
Crusade on a spiritual high with men, women, boys, and girls buried in Holy
Baptism.  Oh yes, they repented, and came to Jesus!  Follow-up of this great
Evangelism Revival has been formulated by participating Pastors:  Byrd,
McCalla, and McCottry.  "To God Be the Glory Great Things He Hath Done
Through This Great Abundant Living Crusade."


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| Mar/22/08 10:03:27
You are doing an awesome job in fullfilling the responsibilty of the church in the community ! If more churches did this our society would be greatly improved.
Pastor Jonathan E McCottry Sr | Aug/08/07 12:08:12
On Sabbath October 4, 2007 the most exhilarating feeling of joy and ecstasy came to bear as the altar call was made and more than 100 people came forward to be baptized in the Abundant Living Crusade. Even the most ardent Atheist could feel the Spirit of God move as person after person heard and accepted the call to be a part of the Third Angels Message. From behind the scenes and from the perspective of those who diligently worked we felt and saw the power of God work as never before and the fire for evangelism was ignited to the point that we cannot wait until 2008 for the next Evangelistic thrust. Already there are ministers who have begun to dialogue about the possibilities and it is evident that in Miami there is a harvest field that is just waiting to be tapped. Pray for us that we can remain humble and that we can once again feel that power that was felt in 2007. Two baptisms were held one after Divine worship where 88 were baptized and after the evening meeting 12 precious souls were added to the number totaling 100 souls for the day and the work is going on right now to harvest the souls that are still in the valley of decision.
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