An Adventist Film Maker from Southeastern Conference

By: Linton Parsons, II
Date: 07/30/07
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Many of you will be proud to learn that there is a major movie project in development written by one of our own: Dean Dennis the son of Pastor Keith Dennis of Deerfield Beach SDA Church.  According to a mass email sent from his website that many of us recieved, Dean has written a trilogy that is "inspired" by the Great Controversy; the first installment is entitled Rise of the Minions

As you can imagine, this project is generating a lot of buzz in Adventist circles. You can check out the project for yourself at  While you are there, be sure to give the young man your support by posting an encouraging word on the message board of that site.  As an older adult who has watched Dean grow up amongst us, it makes me very proud to share his recent success with all of you.


2 Comment(s) | Add Your Own Comment
Stacey Grant-MontaƱez | Aug/10/07 09:08:56
My husband and I are very impressed, and will be lending our support. Pastor Keith Dennnis baptized me when I was 18 yrs old. And, thank God, I am still in the faith, today. May God richly bless you, your family, and your endeavors!
Joseph Cooper | Aug/08/07 01:08:29
It's about time we did a major movie. I hope it gets lots of support. My video library needs a breath of fresh air from DVDs that don't follow the Script and 'Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun.'
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