Southeastern Camp Meeting 2007

By: W.L. Taylor
Date: 07/24/07
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Camp Meeting 2007 is now history!  But, is it really?  The Media
Evangelism Reaping Emphasis of 2007 was the result of several
years of planning.  It all started about seven years ago when the
Conference was introduced to the Camp Meeting-Conference-wide
Initiative.  Our first media success was when we placed the Camp
Meeting program in the Internet on a 30-minute delay basis.  We
were overjoyed when reports returned saying members actually say

Over time we up linked Camp Meeting only on one weekend;
then both weekends.  Last year we added our 25th Anniversary
Gala Banquet program.  This year it we completed the Camp
Meeting Conference-wide Initiative by up linking both weekends
and each nightly service via Satellite on the Hope Channel and
the Internet.


Camp Meeting Conference-wide is not just a slogan.  It is not a
n attempt to get coverage or exposure.  It is an opportunity for
the entire Southeastern Conference to synergistically incorporate
our Lord’s Commission and reapwhere we have sown.  Hence,
it incorporates today’s most powerful mass witnessing tool to
facilitate the goal of a Conference-wide baptism and reporting

Our target for Camp Meeting has always included workshops
to help in spiritual growth and evangelism.  Technology has
now presented us the opportunity to help local churches actually
evangelize their local communities. 


This year Pastor Mark Finley, Vice President of the General
Conference, and Pastor Randy Stafford of South Central Conference,
were the featured evangelists who each spoke several sermons
appealing to the local crowd and those watching via satellite on
the Hope Channel and the Internet.  Along with Mrs. Nicole Brise,
Conference Women’s Ministries Coordinator, and Pastor Roger
Alvarez, Conference Hispanic Coordinator, these 2007 Camp
Meeting speakers poured their hearts into their messages. 

With the nightly media missionary events that featured Seventh-day
Adventist global missionary efforts through the ministries of It Is
Written, Adventist World,
and Hope for Humanity, these speakers
appealed via satellite to people they may never meet until they
reach heaven. 


One such lady and daughter called the General Conference on
June 25 and Southeastern President W.L. Taylor received this story
later that morning.  They wereimpressed to watch the Hope Channel
because they noticed that Pastor Mark Finley was speaking the
previous Saturday night.  The daughter’s heart was touched when
she and her mother heard one of the nightly interviews conducted
by Pastor Clarence Wright, Conference Personal Ministries Director. 
It so happened that night theinterviewee was Brother Moses Brown
who told the story of his introduction to the Seventh-day Adventist
.  Brother Brown’s birth was the result of a rape. 
His mother did not hesitate to have the child anyway.  She placed him
up for adoption and a Seventh-day Adventist family was the beneficiary.  
Brother Brown is now an accomplished vocalist and lay evangelist. 
After hearing that touching interview, the young lady cancelled her
9:30 a.m. abortion appointment at the tearfully grateful satisfaction
of her mother.


At 12:25 p.m. each Sabbath, Pastor William Byrd (Miami Bethany)
and Pastor Barry Bonner (Tampa/Progress Village and Westside)
were in the pavilion baptistery with candidates.  At the same time
ministers and elders were in the pool in local churches conducting
the Conference-wide baptism.   Camp Meeting-Conference-wide
with its media evangelism reaping emphasis resulted in 160 baptisms.


Viewers from as far as South America, Jamaica, Canada, and
around North America emailed us with words of thanks.  The
Conference Internet Radio Station streamed the services and
took live interviews from its pavilion location. 


Pastor Sherwin Callwood, Conference Youth/Pathfinder Director,
presented a dynamic and successful youth program.  The weekend
speakers were Pastor Bron V. Jacobs of the Asheville, NC/Bethel
church and Dr. Abraham J. Jules of the Mt. Vernon church in
New York.  Richard Martin, 2007 graduate from Pine Forge
, delivered dynamic spiritual sermons each night. 
Eighteen youth took their stand for rededication or baptism. 


The annual Camp Meeting featured event is the Children’s program. 
It includes children from the ages of Cradle Roll, Primary, and Junior
years.  This year presented a dramatic depiction of the 12 tribes of
Israel.  The theme was: Galilee by the Sea.  Each tribe had its
banner.  Booths revealing what long-ago Israel products and activities
were set up around the wall of the Youth Pavilion.  The leading
organizers were Mrs. Jackie Waldon and Mrs. Francine Long,
both pastors’ wives.  Many other adults and older youth assist in
making this feature an annual success.


We extend special thanks to Mr. Robert Henley, Conference
Technology Director, for his expert assistance and development of the
Southeastern Technology Lay Support Team.  Also we thank Pastor
Maxwell Berkel (Kissimmee-Poinciana District) who is our expert
floor manager.


We praise God and ask Him to give us an even greater Camp Meeting
blessing in 2008. 




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