Brandon Dixon Receives National Honor

By: B.K. Waite, Palm Bay SDA Education Director
Date: 06/18/07
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Brandon Dixon of the Palm Bay SDA Church, Florida has been
selected from a large pool of students nationwide and overseas
as 1 of 20 students for MITHS 2007. MITHS (Minority Introduction
To the Health Sciences) is a challenging three-week summer program
designed to introduce high school students to careers in the health
sciences, while totally immersed in campus life.

The MITHS program is FREE to the participants. The room, board,
and educational expenses will be covered by the Black Alumni of
Loma Linda University, the Loma Linda University School of Medicine,
and the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. The transportation
to and from Loma Linda University will be his responsibility and only
major expense.

Brandon will have the first-hand opportunity to experience what
happens on a health sciences university campus—basic sciences
(anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology),
clinical courses (nursing, medicine, medical technology, dentistry,
dental hygiene, physical therapy, public health) and research. He
will also develop time management and study skills in a workshop
program specifically designed for him.

The MITHS experience will prepare Brandon for his senior year and
show him what to expect in college. In addition, there will be an
opportunity to make new friends, meet with the Loma Linda faculty
and alumni, and participate in social and spiritual events.

Brandon is the son of Roy Dixon, Palm Bay SDA Church Treasurer
and his wife Ada.


30 Comment(s) | Add Your Own Comment
INEZ DIXON | Jun/28/07 06:06:15
CONGRATULATIONS! CONGRATULATIONS to my one and only grandson! What pride, joy and yet humility I felt as I heard about your latest achievement. All thanks and praise be to God Who has brought you safely thus far on life's journey. He has also promised to be with you to the end. Always be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! Resist the devil abd he will flee." Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths." Prov. 3 5,6. Be true to yourself. Our prayers will always attend you,Congrats! Congratulations to the parents as well. Revel in the moment.
Aunt Pearl and Andrea | Jun/28/07 06:06:14
CONGRATULATIONS! Brandon. Remember to feast only "on those things which are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report ,if there is any virtue and if there is any praise" Phil.4:8 and God will lead you in straight paths.
Aunt Pearl and Andrea | Jun/28/07 06:06:14
CONGRATULATIONS! Brandon. Remember to feast only "on those things which are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report ,if there is any virtue and if there is any praise" Phil.4:8 and God will lead you in straight paths.
D | Jun/27/07 06:06:39
Mad props!!!
James & Everline McNeil II | Jun/27/07 08:06:15
Congrats on your achievement Brandon! Continue to serve God faithfully and he will bless above measure. Praise God for your parents that are supportive of you. We love you and keep up the good work.
Ms Moore @ PBHS TAP | Jun/26/07 11:06:33
Just a shout out to say congratzs! Keep on showing us how it's done. Soak up all that they have to offer and leave them as impressed as we are.Oh and by the way have fun!
Pat C-Waite | Jun/26/07 07:06:07
Congratulations Brandon! We are so proud that you are part of our Palm Bay SDA church family. You have set a fine example for our young people. To God be the Glory and to your parents for starting you off on a good solid foundation - Education is the key. Keep up the good work as we continue to uphold you in our prayers and will be waiting to hear more good news in the near future. Have a safe trip to Loma Linda.
Auntie Barbara | Jun/25/07 04:06:47
Wow Brandon! I am so proud of you; but then, I expected no less. May God continue to bless you. Always reach for the stars and strive to be the best. Remember where your help comes from! Let God order your steps, give Him the Glory, and be thankful always for your parents. I'll be watching for greater things from you. Stay focused and keep thy heart with all diligence!
Kristen and Robert John | Jun/25/07 07:06:49
Brandon: It is indeed true that higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's ideal for you. Congratulations to you and your proud parents! When the homework gets to be a drag remember that the best is yet to come! Kristen and Robert John
Mary H. Tillman | Jun/25/07 12:06:52
Brandon, I am very proud of all your achievements and I pray that God will continue to protect and guide you in all your future endeavors. Congratulations and enjoy the experience. To God be the Glory for the GREAT things he has done!
Aunt Iola, Ingrid & Family | Jun/24/07 10:06:12
Well Brandon, CONGRATULATIONS! We're so proud of you and your accomplishments! You succeeded, and we guess that you even surprised yourself that you were selected! That's GREAT! Now that your ship is being steered toward the harbor of SUCCESS, keep right on until you land safely on shore. We'll keep praying for you. Roy & Ada, CONGRATULATIONS to you both too! I see your son is growing up very fast and soon will be off to college.
The Wilson Family | Jun/24/07 04:06:07
Brandon, Congratulations on your achievement. Keep up the outstanding work. We are all proud of you. Uncle Sam, Aunt Jackie, Zachary and Samara
ERICA WEBBE MAJOR | Jun/23/07 09:06:05
Best wishes. You are a very bright young man. I only expect great things from you. Remember the Lord is your strength! Erica
Lainisha McMiller | Jun/23/07 01:06:52
Brandon I am SSOO proud of you. Continue to allow God to guide your footsteps. God Has great plans for you! I love ya!
The Glenn Family | Jun/23/07 08:06:52
Congratulations Brandon! What a wonderful opportunity for you. Keep up the good work. We're very proud of you and continue to honor God with the gifts and talents He has given you. Good job Roy and Ada also on your guidance and encouragement. With Love...
Kevin, Laurel & Kelli Long | Jun/23/07 06:06:44
Congratulations, Brandon! What an honor! Keep up the good work. We will be praying for you.
Auntie Gardenia & Uncle Ronel | Jun/22/07 09:06:56
Congratulation on your achievements. That the way to go with God help we have confidence in you. Keep up the good work. We know that you will go all the way in what every you decide to do. Remember you can do all thing if you put God first in your life. We are very proud of you!
Stacie Handfield | Jun/22/07 09:06:59
Congratulations to Brandon for such an outstanding achievement and opportunity!!! I am very proud of you! Congratulations also to Roy and Ada. This is indeed a sure sign of fine parenting. Way to go you two!!!!! *Smooches*
Roy Dixon | Jun/22/07 08:06:32
Brandon Dixon a former Duluth Academy student of Mrs. Reddinger and Mr. Lyte.
Aunt Al & Uncle Lewis | Jun/22/07 09:06:59
Congratulations for your achievement. Continue to move on to higher levels and greater things to God's glory. We are proud of you!
Ed Smith | Jun/22/07 09:06:00
Hi Brandon You will not remember me but I grew up with your Dad and have watched you grow up to be a fine young man. Congrats on your achievements! I want you to know that you have a Bermuda contingent cheering for you and we have every confidence in your further success! God bless.
Raynold Cartwright | Jun/22/07 09:06:43
Brandon, Good work and congratulations. I am proud of you and know that your parents must be too. Us "islanders" must always shine brightly wherever we are. God's blessings always. Cartwright, Bahamas
Auntie Ruth | Jun/22/07 08:06:58
Congratulations to my favortie nephew you are a bright star that shines brightly. You have become such a young man and I hope that you dont stop but continue to not only be a blessing to your family but to everyone. GOD bless you. Love, Auntie Ruth
Phil McNeil | Jun/22/07 09:06:27
Man!!!! I am really proud of you! Do your thing Cuz.
Auntie Teresa | Jun/22/07 08:06:14
GOD bless you always
Auntie Teresa | Jun/22/07 08:06:08
Congratulations from your godmommie, you deserve this award and hope that you will continue to follow your dreams.
Jattie | Jun/22/07 08:06:04
GOD bless you and continue to achieve.
Jattie | Jun/22/07 08:06:08
Hey. Brandon WOW. Is all I can say this is a great achievement, I know you feel very proud I can tell you were happy becuase you have a handsome smile on that very handsome picture you have posted. All the girls are going to be posting love notes to you. I am very proud and know the you are going to achieve so much because I can tell you are a very smart young and handsome young man.
Regina Harris | Jun/22/07 11:06:22
Congratulations Brandon! I know you will do well. We have sent students before and it is a very good, but streneous program. Congratulations to your parents who have done an excellent job in raising you. To God we give all the glory! Mrs.Regina Harris (Principal-Miami Union Academy)
Eddie Ashley Jr | Jun/20/07 07:06:42
Congratulations Brandon. God has made you the head and not the tail. Give Him the praise.
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