Perrine SDA School Conducts Safety Fair

By: Millicent Taylor
Date: 05/26/07
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The Perrine Seventh-day Adventist Elementary school hosted its annual
Community Safety Day on Sunday March 11, 2007. The gates were opened
at 10:00 a.m. and already people were arriving. The grounds seemed alive
with various tents and buses.
On this day the school teamed up with Officer Angela Berry to bring in a team
of police officers from the Miami-Dade police department. They demonstrated
important car seat safety rules for babies and infants as well as finger printing
for young children.

Nurse Giselle Holness ARNP speaks with Mrs. C. Bird (second right) Associate Superintendent of schools
Nurse Giselle Holness ARNP speaks with Mrs. C. Bird
(second right) Southeastern Associate Superintendent of  schools.               

Many people were given locations for reporting if they were
physically or sexually abused, threatened, or if they believed they were in danger. 
Others were informed about Miami-Dade Park Watch concerning how they can
better protect themselves when jogging in the park.
Nurse Giselle Holness, ARNP, hosted a booth which gave useful information
about HIV/AIDS focusing mainly on abstinence and self-esteem and abstinence
and HIV. Additionally she performed Hepatitis C screening and gave information
about Colon Cancer screening.

Sis. D. Roys purchasing canned food at the Adventist Book center booth.
Sis. D Roys purchasing canned food at the Adventist Book Center booth.

Sis. D. Roys purchasing canned food at the Adventist Book center booth.
Blood pressure checks were done by Nurses Gloria Edwards and Joan
Nicholson. Joining the group were nurses from the West Perrine Health Center,
they included  Nurse Hugenna Outar ARNP and Nurse Gillian Scott ARNP.
They presented facts on women’s health as well as shared information on
preventative services.
Women over 50 years of age were given breast and cervical cancer screening.
On the other hand many attending the fair were eager to participate in the
community blood drive.
The Adventist Center Book store had a display of religious books as well as
canned vegetarian food on sale. A steady stream of customers could be heard
bargaining until there was an agreed price.
The children were kept entertained and occupied in the bounce house; many of
them never left except to get food or drink. A few children enjoyed the simulated
helicopter ride. One of the greatest attractions was the first booth which housed
the food. Here one could purchase an array of victuals including cakes, chips,
cold drinks, and dinner which included fried fish and bakes. These were provided
by the Home and School Association.
This was a productive day. Everyone left very satisfied and more educated about
 their health and safety. Thanks to the teachers, staff and students of the Perrine
school and all those who contributed to make this day a success.

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