Ward Sumpter Honored During Mt. Olive's Disabilities Day

By: Athlyn Anderson
Date: 03/30/07
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The Mt. Olive Seventh Day Adventist Church in Apopka, Florida is serious about ministry to people with disabilities.  On October 7 2006 the membership experienced its third “Disability Awareness Day.”

Elder Ward Sumpter, former Executive Secretary and Disabilities Ministries Director for the Southern Union, was the guest speaker.  Ward Sumpter has overseen the Disabilities Ministries program within the Union since its inception in the early 1990’s.

George & Flore Hamilton (South Central Conference), Rosemary Graham (South Atlantic Conference), Mike & Sharon Harrell (Kentucky/Tennessee Conference), Janis Irving (Southeastern Conference), Terry Robinson (Carolina Conference) and Joan & Phil Bova (Florida Conference) honored Elder Sumpter for his dedicated years of ministry on behalf of people with disabilities.
Mt. Olive, under the direction of Joan Bova and its local Disabilities Ministries Team, are making great strides in preparing its membership to be a truly “accessible” church both attitudinally and structurally.

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