Adventist Short Film Takes Center Stage

By: Robert Henley
Date: 02/02/07
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“I wanted to create a short film that would change the way young people live their lives today” stated Desmond Hunt, who attends of the Mt. Sinai SDA Church in Orlando, Fl. Thus, Hunt with the assistance of his wife Brenda, produced the short Christian film “Obedience”.

Obedience takes a look at the consequences of the decisions that young people make today.  It is the first in a series of short films that he plans produce entitled “It’s My Decision”.  Hunt hopes that the series will foster a much needed dialog between the youth and adults.

Hunt and his wife, began their video ministry in New York when the couple began delivering videos of church services to the sick and shut-in members of the Linden SDA church. Hunt, a professional videographer since 1991, felt impressed to broaden the scope of his video ministry to include the production of short Christian films after attending TechMin, a SEC Technology Ministry conference, where he was introduced to the SonScreen film festival. The SonScreen film festival ( ) is a NAD initiative produced by Stacia Dulan.

Hunt states “I give God all the praise for our ministry in video through the years. I also thank God for a good and supportive wife. Brenda has assisted me in many areas and is always ready to pick up a camera and shoot at a moments notice.”    

According to the Barna Group, (a market research firm specializing in studying the religious beliefs and behavior of Americans, and the intersection of faith and culture), more Americans satisfy their spiritual needs by consuming religious based media content (146 million) than attend church (142 million) on a weekly bases.  
There have been a number of religious/Christian themed films produced which include The Passion, A Bethlehem Story, Woman thou art Loosed and the popular series Left Behind.  

Despite the fact that these films are not based on Adventist doctrines, an increasing number of Adventist Youth are watching them in thier homes. Hunt hopes that his films will supplant those film and envisions that his shorts will be viewed in small group settings and AYS program throughout the Southeastern Conference.
Hunt, plans to produce at least two shorts per year.

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