Fire Destroys Cafeteria at Southeastern's Campground

By: Robert Henley
Date: 01/24/07
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The cafeteria at the Southeastern Conference Campground in Hawthorne, Florida was completely destroyed by a fire, early Wednesday morning about 2:00 a.m.   The cause of the fire, that completely gutted the 16,000 sq. ft. building, has not yet been determined. An investigation is still underway.




The beloved cafeteria, which was expanded in the '70's to serve over 200 persons, has served the Conference's camping needs for over 40 years.  "Many wonderful memories went up in flames early this morning," said President W.L. Taylor.  "This is regrettable," he continued.  When asked about Camp meeting 2007, he said, "Yes!, we still plan to have Camp Meeting this June as scheduled.  "As for where we will serve meals other than the snack bar, we'll wait and see.  However, we still plan to have Camp Meeting." 



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Rubin Joseph | Mar/23/07 10:03:43
Whenever something like this happens, it shows that we are truly in Gods favor, because we have upset the enemy by pushing on with this mission, but God will restore us ten fold, in Jesus name.
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