District 5 Conducts Adventurer and Pathfinder Day

By: Emmanuel Cesar
Date: 01/12/07
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From Naples to Homestead, North Miami Beach to Carol City, Little Haiti to Little Havana hundreds of Eager Beavers, Adventurers, Pathfinders and Master Candidates assembled for District 5’s Annual Adventurer and Pathfinder Day.

For one year they had been preparing for the event which was held at the Jerusalem SDA Church on October 14, 2006. They read, researched, and did their assignments, they attended Camporees and Honor Day Programs. Finally they would be invested in their respective AYS/Pathfinder classes.

The Investiture Ceremony began with the Master Guide candidates who had been working hard in the District since January.  These leaders were not only active in their own clubs, but they also devoted their time to mastering the Pathfinder curriculum in the 2006 Master Guide class. 

The class was facilitated by Master Guides James Crider and Jason King. Crider and King proudly presented the candidates to the District 5 Coordinator Emanuel Ceaser. Cesar then proceeded to present them to Ivan Sankey, SEC Pathfinder Federation President. 

Once the candidates made their passage to Master Guides, they joined together with the other Master Guides to pin all of the young people who were invested as Friends, Companions, Explorers, Rangers, Voyagers, and Guides.   

District Five is waiting for the next District Day, but even more so they are awaiting for the greatest and final gathering of Pathfinders that will take place in heaven with the Ultimate Master Guide Jesus Christ.



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christine altidor | Apr/02/12 12:04:15
you guys look awesome. you are making district 5 look great
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