Laywoman Inspires the Establishment of Prayer Ministries at Southeastern

By: By Robert Henley
Date: 12/24/06
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What began as a series of emails between Phillippa Turner and
Elder W.L. Taylor, President of Southeastern, has emerged into
Southeastern’s newest ministry - Prayer Ministries. Turner, a
member of the Lighthouse SDA Church, located in Ft. Lauderdale,
FL, began a personal prayer ministry when her daughter left the church.

After witnessing the power of prayer in her life, she was impressed
by the Holy Spirit to establish a Prayer Ministry at her home church. 
She spearheaded the establishment of an early morning prayer group,
with the assistance of Pastor Barry Bonner, former pastor of the
Lighthouse SDA Church.  The newly founded prayer group evolved
into an official church ministry.

After the ministry was established, Turner was impressed by the
Holy Spirit to encourage Elder Taylor to establish a Prayer Ministry
at the Conference.

To that end, in an email to Elder Taylor, Turner outlined her desire for
Southeastern Conference to  establish a Prayer Ministries.  After
several more emails and much prayer, Elder Taylor established
Prayer Ministries in 2004 and appointed Nicole Brise to serve as
the ministries first director.

In the Spring of 2006, Nicole Brise held Southeastern’s first Prayer
Conference at the conference office in Orlando, FL. More than 200
Prayer warriors attended the three day event which was conducted by
Pastor Samuel Telemaque, Prayer Coordinator of the Caribbean
Union Conference.

Telemaque, Author of the book, “The Power of Prayer in
Evangelism”, argues that unless there is a movement of
intercessory prayer at local churches our evangelistic efforts
will not be effective.


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