Adventist Elected to Serve as State Representative

By: ­By Robert Henley
Date: 12/24/06
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On Tuesday, November 7th, 2006, Ronald Brise was elected
by the residents of District 108 (North Miami, Fl) to serve as State
Representative by garnering 81.5% of the vote.  Brise, an elder at
the North Miami Tabernacle SDA church, is the first Seventh-day
Adventist Haitian-American to serve as State representative for
the State of Florida. 

Tabernacle played a vital role in his campaign.  “We are so very
proud of him,” stated his pastor, Elder David Peay.  Brise, a
graduate of Miami Union Academy and Oakwood College,
did not hide the fact that he is a Seventh-day Adventist.  In fact
in interviews and campaign literature, he proudly stated that fact. 

He is the son of Elder Roland and Nicole Brise.  Elder Brise is
the pastor of Smyrne Haitian SDA Church in Winter Haven, Fl. 
His mother, Nicole Brise, is Director of Women’s Ministries and
Pray Ministries for the Southeastern Conference.

Ronald, who speaks three languages (English, French and
Spanish) won the Democratic nomination on September 5th
when he defeated four opponents with 42% of the votes.             
Prior to running for office he served as Community Liaison
for State House District 108 and served as a member of the
Planning Commission for the City of North Miami. 

A devoted family man, he is married to Jo An Salomon Brise
and has a ten month old son Ronald Anthony Brise II.  In an
era where the moral character of politicians today is being
questioned, Brise is a breath of fresh air.  And like Joseph,
he stands out from the crowd.

Brise states, “I am humbled by the privilege bestowed upon
me by the residents of District 108 and I commit myself to
serve and address the issues affecting their life and seek
to improve the well being of all members of the Great
State of Florida Community, One Community, One Voice.“

While many Adventists today question whether or not an
Adventist should hold a political office, Brise joins  Mayor
John Street - Mayor of Philadelphia, Barry Black - U.S. Senate
Chaplin and Judge Judy Hawkins - Leon County, Fl, as
Adventists who serve as civil servants. Like them, Brise 
plans to make a difference.  According to the residents of
North Miami, he already has. 

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