Southeastern Delivers Digital Video to the Desktop

By: By Robert Henley
Date: 11/03/06
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The Interactive Ministries (Communication/Technology) department of Southeastern  has partnered with 1hope4all ( to distribute digital video to the desktop of its constituents.  Initially the technology will be used to deliver, SketchCast, a video news show.

SketchCast, which will debut in late November, is one of two new additions to a suite of conference news delivery services that are currently in use.  Collectively called Sketches Interactive, the news suite is composed of the following products eSketches, Sketches Online and the Blog Center.   The second service, Podcenter, will offer audio content of interviews and evangelistic pieces.

In an era of digital convergence, Sketches Interactive represents the evolution of the Sketches brand and is the product of a data driven process. The process which utilizes surveys and focus groups allows Southeastern’s constituents to actively participate in the development of products and services.   

According to a recent conference survey, the Technology Utilization Survey, Southeastern’s constituents are very technology savvy and they expect the conference to deliver the same types of digital services and content that the are experiencing on a daily bases from secular industries.

“The system pushes DVD quality content to the desktop of the subscriber”, states Casio Jones, CEO and found er of 1Hope4All’.  To receive the content, constituents are required to subscribe for the service via the conference’s website and install the software on the their systems.    

Once the content is published by the conference, it is delivered to the subscriber’s computer.  
Push technology differs  from on-demand streaming technology, that currently powers Southeastern’s iTV product, which requires the consumer to log onto the website and request the content.

The service will not replace the streaming services currently in use.  It will provide Southeastern’s constituent with a different way to view content.

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