Statement Concerning NAD President Elder Don Schneider's Surgery

Date: 10/26/06
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October 23, 2006  2:58 p.m.

Elder Don Schneider,  President of the NAD, recently underwent brain surgeruy to remove a tumor from his brain. The Surgeon says that everything went as expected.  Don is doing well.  All is going well at this point.
Thank you for your continued prayers for his recovery.
Janet Aldea
Secretary to Don C. Schneider

October 26 6:49 PM

Dear friends,

It is morning. I’m sitting in the Family Waiting Room outside the Intensive Care Unit. One husband is here to visit his wife, who has been in the hospital 26 days with heart surgery and kidney dialysis. A wife and daughter are here to visit her husband who has heart and gall bladder issues. Complicated stuff! We don’t have all the troubles.

A few minutes ago Don’s neurosurgeon came by. He stopped here to talk, but I told him that our son and his wife were in the ICU with Don. When he started to walk away, I said, “I’d love to hear what you have to say.” He said, “Come on! I’ll escort you.” So in I went . . . two doctors in front, two physicians assistants behind.

Don was pleased to see Dr. Aulisi. After a few minutes of talking and examining Don, Aulisi covered Don’s good eye, grabbed a 4x4 instrument kit, and asked him what he could see with his bad eye. Don eagerly read line after line. Aulisi was amazed . . . and I was in awe too.

Don will stay in ICU until tomorrow at least, because the doctor wants him to have the continual observation of nurses. We don’t expect to get out of the hospital before Sabbath.

We are so much enjoying our son, Don, and his wife, Dorothy. She arrived last night. Young Don came down to the hospital early this morning, and Dorothy and I drove down after the rush hour so she could sleep in. She has been covering her own clinic and emergency room work load in Juneau, Alaska, and two of Don’s on-call schedules too. It was so good to have Carol, our daughter, here for several days * and Don’s sister too. Both Carol and Diane have returned home.

Young Don and Dorothy, being doctors, are able to explain things to us. Papa Don really appreciates their explanations. Donnie has made friends with two or three families here in the hospital. He goes to visit them, prays with them, and encourages them . . . taking on the role of chaplain.

It is evening now. Don sent me out to call and find out how the first afternoon of the NAD Year-end Meetings went. We were so pleased to hear that Bill McClendon’s presentation was well received! We will look forward to listening to the messages later.

Just now in the Family Waiting Room is a lady whose husband just had the same surgery Don had two days ago. I was pleased to tell her of the good progress Don is making.

Although Don would love to see all of you, we have to say, Don’t come! It is because he can’t help himself, he will need to entertain you if you come, and he doesn’t have the energy for that right now. But thank you for your prayers . . . and please continue to pray. We are asking God for complete and speedy recovery. We love what Walter Wright wrote in response to yesterday’s update . . . Hallelujah!

God bless you each one.

Our love,

Marti (and Don)


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