A Centurian Among Us

By: Millicent Taylor
Date: 10/06/06
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In 1906 Philo Taylor Farnsworth invented the current system of television transmission and reception. In 1906 San Francisco had the great earthquake in which over 3,000 people died. Bread sold for 5c a lb and gas was 28c per gallon. That was the year Thelma Walker came into the world.

             She was born in Jamaica and as a young adult she relocated to the Republic of Panama in Central America where she spent most of her adult life. It was there she accepted the Advent message and later was baptized by Pastor D. Delafield. That was sixty – two years ago; she has not wavered since. Throughout her church years she was active in the church and has served in various positions. Walker has four children, eleven grand- children, and eleven great- grandchildren.

               Later in years she came to the United States and relocated in Miami, Florida. She chose Perrine Seventh-day Adventist Church as her church home. She was remarkable in the way she dressed; always telling the young people to “stay in the church.”  She is a firm believer in prayer. Sis Walker was a faithful church attendee until recently when her health began to decline. However, she gets regular visits from her church family who sings and prays with her and cheers her along. She is very much a sweet heart and loved by all.

                   To celebrate her 100th birthday a party was given in her honor at the church by her daughter, Mrs. Maria Barnes, her grandsons Roy and Miguel and their families as well as her niece Mrs. Barnes and her family who resides in Panama. Elder Trevor Beckford brought greetings from the church; he likened the party to a very special occasion. He recalls Sis. Walker as “one of the best persons he ever met.” He called her a mother in Israel and was greatly privileged to be honoring a centurion. Beckford added, “It is a blessing to be celebrating with a centurion we may never have this privilege again.” Other members brought tributes by way of songs and skits.


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