Benjamin Browne, Nominated to Serve as Union Secretary

By: Robert Henley
Date: 09/10/06
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The first day of the Southern Union’s 17th Quinqennial session has come to a close.  Elder Benjamin Browne, president of the South Central Conference, was nominated to serve as executive secretary of the Southern Union.  However, he has decided to take a few days to make a decision.  It is his desire to pray about the matter and let the Lord lead.   In the event that Elder Browne does not accept the nomination, the newly appointed Union Committee will meet at a later date to recommend another individual. 

As expected, Elder Gordon Retzeir, union president and Tom Evans, union treasurer, were both nominated to serve for another term.  Dianne Ruff, principal of F.H. Jenkins Junior Academy (Nashville, TN) was nominated to serve as the elementary associate superintendent.  Ruff takes the place of Debrah Fryson. Fryson has accepted a position as elementary associate superintendent at the North American Division.   Amireh Al-Haddad, associate director of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, has been nominated to serve as director of that department. She takes the place of Nathaniel Higgs.  Higgs  is retiring from the work.

 To the surprise of the Southern Union staff, Olson Perry has decided to resign from his position as communication director.  Ron Quick will serve as interim communication director until the Union Committee meets.  The position of trust services has been referred to the union committee. Concerning the remaining departments, there were no changes to made.

The business session for Southern Adventist University will headline the second day of the session, which will convene at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, September 11.  Other agenda items will include reports from Oakwood College, Adventist Health System and Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences. 


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