Lighthouse Teens Answer Mission Call

Date: 09/08/06
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In July, four brave teenagers from the Lighthouse SDA Church joined more than 200 young people on a mission trip to Chiclayo, Peru.  The objective, to build much needed schools and churches.

The mission trip, Ultimate Workout 16, is an annual two- week project for high school and academy students. 

Every year teenagers from North America and abroad, come together to build schools and churches. 

Sister Sylvia James brought the information about the need for volunteers in Peru, to the Youth Leader Sis. Kareem Mckay. 

Keegan Palmer, Jovan Davis, Marco McKay, and Juliette Tedim answered the call. 

At first the funds needed for the project seemed unattainable.  

The teenagers went on a fund raising drive, and before long Lighthouse members step forward and helped to send these willing teens on their way.

 They went in four different areas and groups, the teens were never together. 

Some groups conducted vacation bible schools; others went with the medical and dental teams into the community. 

However, it took the effort of all the teen-age volunteers to build the schools and churches within the time allotted. 

When it was over 5 new churches were erected, for them it was a huge accomplishment.  

The four young people were interviewed by Lighthouse communication department, to find out what inspired them the most, and this is what they said:

 Keegan 15 years old, states that the children needed shoes, and wishes to return next year to take them some. 

Jovan 17 questioned why he was going before he left. During the trip, he wondered why they were so happy with so little. 

When it was time for him to return he was reluctant to, because there was too much work left to be done in the mission fields. 

Marco 16 wished he could build a water supply system for the natives in order for them to have clean, fresh water to drink. 

Juliette 14 was inspired to see how much the children looked up to her; she knew how important it is for individuals to be Christ like everywhere.

The girls needed dresses and proper plumbing system she says, and hopes to continue volunteering for Christ.  

Upon return, the teens were emotional they felt that the people they left behind were now family. 

Spiritually their lives were changed forever they will never forget this experience.  


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