Perrine Conducts Education Day

Date: 08/08/06
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On  June 10th, 2006 the Perrine SDA Church held its annual Education Day.

The divine service speaker, Ancil Bishop, of the Southern Caribbean Conference, emphasized that our children are a blessing from God and we should be careful how we influence them.

“We are God’s stewards” he stated, “our children are not ours they belong to God.” 

The afternoon program speaker,  Mrs. Lyra Logan, Vice-President and General Counsel of the Florida Education Fund, congratulated the graduates for reaching this milestone in their academic lives.

 Logan thanked Sis. Millicent Taylor and Bro. Richard Smith, for “working tirelessly to bring the Florida Education Fund program over the last five years to the church and the community in Perrine.”

 The Florida Education Fund program started in 1984 with its main purpose of administering a Black Doctorate fellowship program to increase the number of Blacks who would then go on to teach in Florida’s Universities.

However, the founders realized that to ensure this fellowship program they needed to create a pipeline through pre-college programs, therefore several programs were set up at Florida International University for this purpose.

Mrs. Logan told the students that “the sky is the limit and with God and through God there is nothing they cannot do.”

She declared that her upbringing had taught her that there is power in role models. She asserted, “Powerfully motivated children need people who will help them set high expectations, and you have those people in this church.”

 She declared, “The more educated you are the more choices you have. he more years of schooling you have the more money you will make. Education pays.”



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