Lighthouse SDA Church Conducts Health Fair

By: Julia Tedim
Date: 07/28/06
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On Sunday, June 4, 2006, the Lighthouse SDA Church held it’s annual Health Fair.  The members from the church came out in large numbers, and the community showed up for the various examinations.  Health and Wellness for a Longer Life was the theme of the day. Pastor Lloyd Burrowes was present and gave his full support to the health team.  

Radio station WAVS 1170 participated in the Health with Paul Smith in the Studio and Leaford Levy on location.   People who heard the Broadcast from far and near came to have free screening done.  Doctor Selwin Carrington along with other doctors and Health professionals attended to the patients.

Among the many test that were administered were blood pressure and cholesterol checks, Chiropractic examinations, massages, prostate testing and diabetic accuchecks. and Children were given free immunizations. Health education videos were shown in the fellowship hall, while dishes of vegetarian meals were displayed and introduced to all. The Broward Blood Mobile was also onsite and they had quite a few donors. 

On hand was Sis. Muriel Scott, head of the Community Services department, ready and waiting for the call from the needy, or anyone who wanted clothing or food supplies. Sis. Shirley Archer, Lighthouse Health Ministries department director, and her team had this to say, “Seventh-day Adventists have a unique responsibility to meet the spiritual needs of people in their community. It is the aim of the members of the Lighthouse SDA church to present the health message to non-members so that they may become acquainted with the medical missionary work offered by our church.”

When Jesus was on the earth he ministered to all who were spiritually and physically oppressed. He left us an example when he healed those who were affected by the enemy. The Health Fair is just one means by which we may seek to meet the needs of the people in our community. Health bridges the gap between people of all religions. People are afflicted with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, sexually transmitted diseases and substance abuse problems. 

Our mission is to provide counseling, to individuals in-order to establish healthy lifestyle changes. We will continue to present programs to the community, for the promotion of good physical living. The health fair was a success. Let us strive for wellness and happiness, keeping our bodies pure until Christ comes again.


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