Health, Ones Greatest Wealth

By: Ena Graham
Date: 07/28/06
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Knowledge is the greatest means to conquer the diseases that plague the human body. While researchers dig into epidemiology and virology studies, education deploys the knowledge of prevention and advocates knowing ones health status.

With this in mind the Mt. Zion, Kissimee health team each year uses this forum, Health Emphasis weekend, to share with the community their belief that health is ones greatest wealth.

On May 21-22, 2006, the annual Health Emphasis program got on its way. All the  sessions were immensely informative. Sabbath school was directed by N. Harries, RN.  She reminded the attendees that the body is marvelous and wonderfully made, and that God gave a plan, which, when adhered to, will result in life at it’s best.

Mrs. I. Ash, the main speaker for the day, reinforced God’s promises of healing and protection. “He gives one the overcoming power to practice healthful living if we put our trust in him” she stated.

Participants in the health fair included Candice Roberson, coordinator of Closing The Gap program, a program that focuses on the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Dr. Chavez, a chiropractor in the community, conducted postural assessments and gave information on how to have health bones through nutrition.

The highlight of the day was the juicing table. Demonstrations on how to help children have their 5 fruits and vegetables each day in the form of tasty homemade juices, smoothies, and delights were conducted.  The adults shared in the green juices and juices for de-toxing the system.

Various drawings for prizes were done by Carrol Legall, Health and Temperance Leader. The activities for the weekend ended with the confidence that enough knowledge was shared, so that each attendee could make an informed decision to maintain a physical, mental and spiritual health in accordance with god’s will.


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