South Florida Hosts First Annual Men's Convention

Date: 07/05/06
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On Saturday, May 27, 2006,

It was inspiring to watch the men from the various South Florida churches use their talents to glorify God.

During the morning service, several speakers utilized their oratorical talents, as they spoke on topics such as, "Man, The Leader Within His Home" (George Murray), "Man, A Leader In The Church" (William Albury III) and "Man, A Leader In His Community" (Vinson Jones).

The men were anxiously awaiting a word from the Lord through his designated manservant, Elder E.E. Cleveland, former field secretary for the General Conference and adjunct professor of Oakwood College.

"Did not our hearts burn within us" exclaimed one attendee.

Elder Cleveland, with his powerful and arresting voice, addressed the men on the subject "A Question of Identity"(Gen. 2:7). He reminded the men, that they should not lose their identity by forgetting who they are and whose they are. It was a message that they will not soon forget!

The conference continued into the afternoon with Elvis Epps. Epps addressed the young men, ages 12-21, on the topic "What It Means To Be A Godly Man."

The conference was brought to a close with a concert involving singers from various churches and a vesper thought by Elder Cleveland.

 the men of Southeastern Conference and other invited guests, gathered for the 1st Annual South Florida Men’s Conference, and for what would be a soul-stirring, spirit-filled day. The theme for the day was, "Jesus! Empowering Men To Lead."




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