Simple...Cuz Life is Not

By: Sherrie Barton
Date: 07/02/06
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Wednesday’s devotion was done by Pastor S. Callwood, SEC Youth director. He gave an inspiring thought from the book of Judges.  He reminded us how God can use an outcast of society to do his work. He told us to never give up on young people, you never know when you might need them or when God will use them.

Carteria Williams, a youth from Peniel SDA, Fort Myers, FL. performed a song she wrote entitled “Will you be ready/Today” to set the tone for the evening worship. The speaker, Pastor Caesar Robinson (Maranatha, Tallahassee, FL and Mt. Olive, Quincy, FL) illustrated how our lives should be on fire for God. We should strive to be a constant burning flame and not have a quick fix religion that burns out quickly.  Thursday morning’s devotion was done by Pastor Brian McKinney (Grace Fellowship, Valdosta GA and Refuge Temple, Lakeland GA).  His message was on the power of prayer and how the youth have the power to tell demons to flee if they know exactly how to use prayer.

For the past two days, Chris Robinson has opened the minds of the youth to the spiritual side of music and what role the hip/hop culture can play in their lives.

Stop by the Youth Pavilion, join in the fun, make a friend and receive a blessing!



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