Three Generations of Southeastern Campers Part 2

By: Janice Greene
Date: 07/02/06
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In continuing with my search for three generation of campers, I had the opportunity to speak with Sister Donna Hannah who has been attending camp meeting since the “tents”.

If you don’t know about the tents, Donna can give you a vivid description that will make you feel as if you were really there to experience them. “The men and women had their own dormitory. Men in one, women in the other”, says Donna. “Each person or family was separated by a sheet.” Donna has been coming to camp meeting since birth. “I don’t remember it, but my mom says I have been coming since I was four weeks old.” Donna is one of four siblings—three sisters and one brother—who grew up attending the former South Atlantic, now Southeastern, camp meeting. This year, all of the sisters—Zelda, Donna, and Lisa are here with their children along with their mom, Sister Roselyn Moncur. Their dad, Maxwell Moncur, will only attend for the weekends.

In talking with Donna Hannah, I found out that she has four generations that has held, and continues the tradition of attending camp meeting. Her grandparents, the late Jeremiah and Adriana Dorsett; her parents; she and her husband, known to all as “Hannah”; and their five children—one son and four girls. Now with two grandchildren, they will have a fifth generation camp tradition. This camp three of her daughters are here—Alexandria, Danielle, and Antionette. Isn’t it grand to know a family that is faithful to the spirit of camp meeting? “Only illness and death will keep me from Southeastern camp meeting”, says Donna.

Born and raised in Florida City, Florida, Donna attended Bethel-Florida City, then under the leadership of Pastor Lloyd Rahming. The Hannah’s presently reside in Huntsville, Alabama.


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