SEC Conducts Young Preachers Institute

By: Sherrie Barton
Date: 05/05/06
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March 3-6, 2006 was the beginning of something groundbreaking in Southeastern Conference. The Young Preachers Institute, a concept that has been thriving in the north, was introduced by Pastor Sherwin Callwood, Youth Director of Southeastern Conference. Invitations were sent to all of the local churches and twenty seven men and women registered for this spirit-filled event. In his opening remarks, Pastor Callwood stated We are not here to make you preachers but to equip you with the tools to finish Gods work.

The facilitators for the weekend were, Pastor S. Callwood, Mr. Robert Henley, SEC Communication/Technology Director, Pastor H. Brewer, Pastor V. Dehm II (Cocoa SDA), Pastor B. Bonner (Progress Village SDA) and Pastor T. Taylor (Poinciana SDA). They presented on different topics such as, Technology, Presenting with Visual Aids and How to Develop a Note Free Outline. Seminars were rotated on an hourly basis allowing attendees to get the benefits of each workshop. The attendees not only got hands on training but they had to present a five minute sermon using all the information they had learned in all of their workshops. As the weekend came to a close, they were given a closing charge to put what they had learned into practice and to never pass up the opportunity to witness. The attendees got pumped up and excited about sharing Gods words and gained the knowledge they needed to get them started in proclaiming the good news.


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