Perrine School Presents A Touch Of Class

By: Millicent Taylor, Perrine SDAC
Date: 04/05/06
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The Perrine Seventh-day Adventist Elementary school presented a gala performance centered on African-American history on February 18th, 2006. On this day parents, friends, and well wishers packed the Perrine church to celebrate with the students. They took the congregation on a musical journey through slavery to the Civil Rights movement. The cast consisted of forty-seven students- the entire student body.
Promptly at 5 p.m. three students Belicia, Torri-Ann, and Ian walked on to the platform and invited the packed church to sing lustily because song service had began. In clock work precession the next performers; the Pre-schoolers, kindergarteners through fifth grade marched on stage. Without a choir director they were programmed to deliver and they knew just what to do. These students delighted the congregation with several Negro Spirituals such as Wade In The Water, Swing Low, and Get On Board. Next they enquired of the congregation, “What would this world be without the Black Man? Since many of us had no answer they proceeded to tell us of the many inventions unpublished that the Black Man has created. Many were astonished to know that practically every gadget used in the home as well as hair products and clothing was invented by a Black man. Out of the mouths of babes. Praise God!!
Finally it was time for the Middle school students to delight the parents and friends. God’s Royal Messengers, comprised of Jessica, Bohdana, Torri-Ann, Belicia, Kristal, Shanice, Makayla, Ashley, and Javanka distinguished themselves; using their hands in praise to God. They portrayed a slavery scene based on the trials and experiences the slaves went through as they gracefully captivated everyone through the songs “Still I Rise” and “More Than I Can Bear.” Shanice Hixson brought everyone to their feet with her rendition of Sojourner Truth’s Ain’t I A Woman? To climax the show Ian Carter with brilliance and authority recited Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech.
The principal, Mr. Ken Armstrong, commended the students for a job well done, Thanks were expressed to the teachers and parents but a special tribute was given to Mrs. Bernita Mitchell, who choreographed, designed the outfits, and practiced the students. It was evident that with much prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit the students were able to present a touch of class.

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