Westside SDAC: A Helping Hand From A Helping Church

By: C.L. Wright, SEC Community Services Director
Date: 04/05/06
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On February 18 &19, 2006, Pastor Barry Bonner, and the members of Westside Community SDA Church, in Tampa, FL. had a historic weekend. Not only were they able to burn the mortgage on the church, they also had the Grand Opening Ceremonies for their new Community Services Center that will help to care for the people in their neighborhood.

Elder C.L. Wright, SEC Community Services Director, along with Sis. Ella Thompson, Central West Community Services Federation President were on hand to help launch this new Service Facility.

It has been said by many individuals who work in Faith-based Centers that the best way to gauge a Churchs worth in a community is to measure that churchs Caring Factor for the people who live in the shadow of the church doors.

Pastor Bonner wants the community to know that Westside Community SDA Church cares a great deal about the people who live around them. The question was asked during the opening of the Center If your church suddenly left this community, would the people here miss you?

This center will become a beacon light for the church. When people realize that you love them, and are willing to help them without regard to race, creed, color or church affiliation, you then become a part of the fabric of that community.

Some of the services that Westside will offer will be Blood Pressure Screening; Tutorial Classes; Referral Services; Counseling; Community Surveys, and Cooking Classes. After meeting some of the membership, and talking with Pastor Bonner, I have no doubt that this Community Services Center will be in this neighborhood for a long, long time.

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