Apopka´s Mount Olive Church Celebrates Ground-Breaking Event

By: Athlyn Sawyer-Anderson
Date: 01/10/06
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On assuming duties at the Mount Olive SDA church five years ago Dr. O.E. Gordon, a veteran minister of the Gospel for over forty years, immediately realized that after sixty years in the same location, the church membership of one hundred reflected no significant growth. He, therefore, called to the attention of his small congregation the glaring reality that spreading the Gospel demands growth. He suggested that the limited facility and its location could very well be the basic reason for stagnation. After much consideration the church realized that a change was necessary. Their final decision was a plan for relocation.

With the goal of building a worship and education center, the member of Mount Olive purchased 8.5 acres of land on Clarcona Road, a most attractive location.

In 2004, the church made the bold move of selling its original property, and began worshiping in a rental facility. Fired by the indomitable courage of Pastor Gordon, the members of Mount Olive have achieved phenomenal success in fund raising, and now their dream has begun blossoming into reality.

After weeks of laborious clearing of the site where the new sanctuary will raise its lofty head, a tent was pitched for worship on Sabbath November 12, 2005. This achievement marked the beginning of a momentous ground-breaking weekend event. Sabbath worship had an Edenic ambiance. Through a background of massive and luxuriant foliage, the gentle autumn breeze mingled with songs of praise, and the moving sermon of Dr. George Brown offered copious showers of spiritual refreshing to all. But the crowning act was yet to come.

At 2:00 Oclock on Sunday November 13, 2005 members and friends of Mount Olive gathered for ground breaking. Again the weather was ideal, and one could feel the presence of Heaven as instrumental and vocal music of praise rang out. The challenging sermon of Pastor Richard Barron proceeded the welcomed moment of Ground Breaking. It was a joyous moment. The theme for the event was: FROM VISION TO REALITY, and indeed, this long anticipated ceremony has brought Mount Olive a step closer to reality. The initial building process should take place as early as January 2006. " To God be the Glory."


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