Hubert J. Morel reelected as president of Southeastern

By: Robert Henley
Date: 05/21/12
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The delegates of the 10th Regular Session of the Southeastern Conference, which was held at the Mt. Calvary Church on May 20, reelected Hubert J. Morel Jr. to serve as president, Gregory O. Mack as executive secretary, and Gwendolyn Turner-Parker as chief financial officer.

The delegates elected the following individuals to serve as ministry directors:

Adventist Book Center:  Maria Packwood
Communication: Robert Henley
Education Superintendent: Carol Byrd
Family Ministries: Dolphy Cross
Haitian Ministries Coordinator: Lesly Jacques
Ministerial Director: Milton W. Sterling
Personal Ministries, Inner City Ministry, and Community Services: David L. Peay Sr.
Publishing Director: Theus Young
Sabbath School, Childrens Ministry, and ASI:  Clarence L. Wright
Stewardship and Trust: Brent Waldon  
Womens Ministries: Nicolle Brise
Youth, Pathfinders, and National Service: Caesar A. Robinson

The Hispanic ministry position, which is an appointed position, will be addressed at the next Executive Committee meeting.


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Mr. Denton Guthrie and Mrs. Dimitri Taylor-Guthrie | May/22/12 09:05:26
Praise God, Praise God, Praise God, Praise God for all that He has done. May the Holy Spirit be poured upon each and everyone of you that you may lead according to Gods will. Congratulations Elder/President Hubert J. Morel and staff. My family and I will continue to pray for each and everyone of you as you are leading and making decisions.
Roro | May/22/12 12:05:37
Congrats to all of you, new and old officers of the great SEC of SDA! Special congratulations to Pastor Lesly Jacques. May the Lord, our God, guide you and be with you in doing his work in the Haitian community! I pray that the Lord fill you with His Holy Spirit to provide the leadership that this community is seeking for so long. Let's work together to magnify Jesus-Christ in tasks and principles, and above all else let the Bible be the Word of God, the sole standards of His children! With love of God for His church, Roro
Ivener Liberis | May/22/12 11:05:10
Praised be the Lord. May all reelected as well as new elected officers let the Almighty God lead, guide, and direct them and fill their heart with the Holy Spirit to accomplish their works in the Lord's Vineyard. May all you, reelected and new elected officers, work together to consolidate and strengthen the community of churches. To God be the glory. Jesus is coming soon. Pr. Ivener Liberis
Janet Weeks | May/22/12 10:05:23
To God Be The Glory, Great Things He Has Done. I will like to Congratulate Each & Everyone of the Present Elected & Newly Elected Personnel of the South Eastern Conference. May You Continue To Allow The Holy Spirit & The Lord To Guide You In Directing His Vineyard Thru Your Ministries That You Will Provide To His People Here In This Conference. May God Continue To Richly Bless Each & Everyone Of You. Sincerely Yours, Janet Weeks.
Pastor Garfield Blake | May/21/12 11:05:38
My prayer is that you will continue to allow God to use you to achieve more wonderful things for his glory.
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