Samara Bowden records 9 songs for 3ABN Kids' Time

By: Tamara Bowden
Date: 08/05/11
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On April 17, 2011 Samara Bowden, singer and song writer, recorded nine songs for the 11th season of new Kids’ Time programs, a popular children’s program on Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN).

"What impressed me most, even above her beautiful voice, was her love for Jesus." said Brenda Walsh, producer and host of Kid’s Time. "When she sings, she forgets the cameras and just shines for Jesus! I have no doubt that God will use Samara in a powerful way to win souls for His kingdom.”

Bowden taped 15 songs last year and 9 songs for this season of Kid’s Time, and she is currently scheduled to return to the 3ABN studios to record during a special live taping in December 2011.
Bowden began her early musical training at the age of 5 under the direction of Jacqueline Waldon.

In the last five years, she has performed in Florida, Atlanta, California, Mississippi, Ohio, Illinois, and Western Samoa. She was recently a featured artist at the 2011 Black Adventist Youth Directors Association United Youth Congress in Orlando, Florida where she debuted two of her original songs entitled “Uh Oh” and “Like I do.”

She is currently going to the 8th grade and will be attending Mt. Olivet SDA School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She is a very bright student who is learning how to juggle school, friends and her passion of singing.

When asked why she loves to sing, Bowden simply said, “Jesus gave me this talent to sing, so why not use it? Every time I sing, I feel so free and happy.” Bowden is currently working on a
solo album with producer Claude Matthews the Third and vocal coach Tracy Anthony. Bowden utilizes every opportunity to grow her talent and never lets a day go by without singing something.


2 Comment(s) | Add Your Own Comment
david eneojo ejiga | Dec/24/11 02:12:17
she's is realy wonderful, she sings too well, i've just listened to her on 3Abn ,kid's time, would love to see her someday'
G.Newberry | Sep/13/11 02:09:25
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