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Our Trials are for Others

By: Stacey MontaƱez
Date: March 29, 08
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First of all, I want to thank our loving Heavenly Father for being such a patient "Potter" in my life. I recently experienced some health concerns. Of course, I prayed, and believing on the word, did as James 5 tells us - I requested an anointing from the Pastor and Elders of my church. God is soooooo amazing! I went back and the doctors found their tests were negative! Later on, another issue came up, and I prayed talked to God, but this one did not go away at the time that I wanted it to. So, I prayed some more. My husband and I prayed.

Then one day a small voice said to me..."I want your faith to increase beyond your practical knowledge". I was a little ashamed, you see, I had been comfortable with a certain level of faith that did not need to experience a miracle. And, now that I look back, may be it was because I doubted that miracles could happen to me. And, it would buffer the disappointment should my prayer request not be granted.  This made me feel bare before the Lord. He had shown His spotlight on a very secret place in my spiritual life that only my husband seemed to have picked up on. Maybe that's  one of the reasons he is in my life. His faith supercedes mine! He always tells me to have a little more faith for the impossible.

So, I started on this new journey to faith that supercedes my limited knowledge. Prov 3:5,6 kind of faith. Then, with my 1/4 of a mustard seed faith, the Lord did it! He met me the rest of the way. This other health issue resolved when I let it go and allowed God to be my provider. He is a powerful entity all by Himself!  I came to learn a few lessons from that experience: The enemy does not have power, he only has permission. That means when things go wrong, God has already calculated that in to His plans for your life...plans "to give you an expected end" (Jer 29:11). The other lesson, God is our Father, we can ask Him for anything, and He will provide everything we need, even if it's not what we expect.

I also learned that the enemy will use any stressor to try to take over the seat of our minds...including "mysterious" health ailments that show up negative on medical exams. Could it be that they are false ailments, and only a deception that he is trying to use to engulf our attention, and pull our minds away from God? I don't know, but, he only has permission anyway...And the fourth lesson, Our trials are not all about us, they are also for others. So, learn the lesson well, for the Lord may ask you to repeat it to someone else who needs to know.

I came across paths with a lady about 1-2yrs ago. She is a sweet Christian lady of another faith. She and I have been rejoicing about the common "jewels" we come across in the Bible. This "friendship" that literally appeared to come out of nowhere, has been a tool for a witness. She plans to visit our church soon. And, the Lord has been ordering our steps ever since. So, she crossed my mind about a week ago, and somehow did not call her by the middle of the week. Then, my phone rings and it's her...Lord forgive me for not acting upon the Holy Spirit's unction...She called, and we begin our usual discourse of the goodness of the Lord, and what we have been learning in common, even though in different churches. So, I'm telling her of the above mentioned lessons I've learned through these health trials. And, she says to me, "You are strengthening me...please, keep me in prayer...I have been going through some things (concerning her health), and that's why I am calling you...all the tests are negative, but my symptoms persist..." God is worthy to be praised! I wasted no time. I pulled over in a parking lot, as I was driving, and we approached the throne of Grace right then and there. We will continue to pray together by God's grace, and I have encouraged her to ask the Lord to lead her to the right physicians, but if not, we will continue to seek the Master Physician!

So, I'm sorry this is so lengthy, but if you have read all this, then do me a favor...pray for my friend (God knows who you are referring to), and remember your trials come to increase your faith, not to aggravate you...and your trials are also to help someone else. I pray that God will allow me to write a Victory story about what He has done for her, as a sequel to this one - because, I now know that He can turn her whole experience into a Faith Lesson, which she will have to share with someone one day! Psalm 51: 10-13.
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