SEC Hosts Southern Union Early Childhood Workshop
Date: 05/05/06

The Southeastern Conference Education Department recently hosted an Early Childhood Education workshop that was conducted by Tamara Libonati, Director of Early Childhood Education for the Southern Union. 

Early childhood program directors and pre-kindergarten teachers both the Florida and Southeastern Conferences were in attendance.

The workshop was the first of a series of workshops that are designed to align the early childhood programs within the Southern Union with the Southern Union Adventist Edge Initiative.

“Specifically, this series will educate those who work with children birth - 4 years of age to understand and work with each child’s learning styles, physical, emotional and behavioral developmental levels as well as to design instruction and use curriculum that is developmentally appropriate.” 

She added “It’s fascinating stuff!  What research has revealed within the last 10 years regarding the brain is amazing—What a phenomenal Creator we have!”

The initial workshop featured Dr. Eugene Brewer, Development Specialist for the Southern Union. 

He lectured on the physiological development of the infant and rapidly growing child’s brain and how what happens in this development period impacts memory and learning. 

The next few workshops will cover the following topics:   diverse learning preferences, techniques for building social skills, language development and math / science explorations and discoveries, and design instruction

And curriculum and daily lesson plans that are developmentally appropriate. 

Currently there are more than 80 early child care programs within the Southern Union serving more than 2000 children from birth through four years of age. 

For more information about the Early Childhood Education program contact Tarmara Libonati by email at or visit


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